The project which represents Croatia at the 15th International Architecture Exhibition / La Biennale di Venezia 2016

The project entitled “we need it we do it” by the authorial team the members of which are Dinko Peračić, Miranda Veljačić, Slaven Tolj and Emina Višnić will represent Croatia at the 15th International Architecture Exhibition. The project focuses on the content reconstruction of three buildings, POGON Jedinstvo in Zagreb, H-building of Rikard Benčić complex as the future Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Rijeka and the Youth Centre in Split. The representation of architectural works in Biennale in Venice will be interwoven with the representation of social processes and the architectural work given as a result of collective social involvement of a wide circle of participants. Here we deal with unfinished structures which are nonetheless continuously used for artistic, cultural and social programmes of different actors, and their architectural shaping arises through a series of interactions, interventions and minor operations by which the premises are constantly improved. The three buildings concerned will be additionally explored in co-operation with the performance collective BADco. which will participate at the exhibition with the trilogy “The Institutions Need to be Constructed”.


Miranda Veljačić

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